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Wire wrapped pre packed sand screen customized to any requirement

Pre packed sand screen contains perforated base pipe, inner and outer screen jackets and graded sand between the jackets. It is a modification of wire wrapped screen which is used in well sorted sand or stand-alone completion. Graded sand, with or without resin coating, is considered as a filter for reservoir particles.

Pre packed sand screen with graded sand
Pre Packed Sand Screen

Wire wrapped pre packed sand control screen is used in wells where conventional gravel packing is not feasible or economical. The thickness of gravel layer can be varied to meet special requirement.

What is the function of gravel pack?
Gravel packing is one of popular sand-control technique used in oil, water and gas wells. It stabilizes the borehole and filters the sand from the flow, only allowing very fine particles in. Pre packed wire wrapped sand screen brings it into full play in maximizing production as well as controlling the sand.

Custom Service
Pre packed wire wrapped sand control screen can be customized to catch up with your special requirement. Gravel sizes, sand coating and pack thickness are changeable according to your need. Material grades for the screen and pipe are manufactured according to API tubing or casing from stainless steel 304, 316L, 904, Alloy 825/625/C276. End fittings and threaded connections are bespoke too.

Feature & Advantages:
Outer V shaped screen is more flexible and provides more area;
Pre pack screen filters out formation sand;
Close contact with aquifer enhancing well performance;
Economical alternative to cased-hole gravel packs;
Smaller borehole;
Custom design available.

Pre packed sand screen
Casing Size (in) Outer Screen OD (in.) Inner Screen OD (in.) Basepipe OD (in.) Basepipe ID (in.) Coupling OD (in.)
4 1/2 2.55 1.45 1.05 0.824 1.313
5 3.48 2.365 1.900 1.610 2.200
5 1/2 4.13 2.856 2.375 1.995 2.875
6 5/8 4.64 3.365 2.875 2.441 3.500
7 5.12 3.965 3.500 2.992 4.250
7 5/8 5.64 3.965 3.500 2.992 4.250
7 5/8 5.64 4.490 4.000 3.548 4.500
7 5/8 6.19 4.980 4.500 4.000 5.000
8 5/8 7.23 5.475 5.000 4.408 5.563
9 5/8 8.23 5.980 5.500 4.950 6.050
9 5/8 8.23 7.10 6.625 6.065 7.390

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