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Product List

Slot liner with single staggered slots

Slotted liner is used in long horizontal completions or low productivity wells where gravel packed or sand is large. Clogging problem is greatly decreased.

Wire wrapped screen is wedge wire around perforated pipe

Wire wrapped screen features keystone shaped stainless steel 316L wire and accurate slot openings. Suitable for gravel-pack or stand-alone completions.

Pre packed sand screen with graded sand

Wire wrapped pre packed sand control screen is used in water, oil or gas wells where conventional gravel packing is not feasible or economical.

Wedge wire screen

Wedge wire screen combines high welding strength and uniform slots, and is used in water, oil & gas wells as a standalone screen or jacket for wire wrapped screen.

perforated liner with various hole spaces

Perforated liner or perforated casing is manufactured according to API standards. Hole size, open area and hole pattern can be customized.

Bridge sand screen with staggered slots

Bridge slot screen is normally used in water wells around the world. Staggered slots reduce the negative effect on the screen’s strength.

Metal mesh sand screen – stainless steel 316L

Metal mesh sand screen including single and multiple laminates, is made of Twill Dutch or Reverse Dutch woven sintered wire mesh with 40 to 1000 micron opening.

Metal mesh screen with based perforated pipe

Bonded metal mesh well screen features in preventing fine particles and is ideal for unconsolidated formulations and long horizontal wells.